Water Design-Build Council Board Members and Officers

The Water Design Build Council is governed by a Board of Directors and lead by the President, First Vice President/Treasurer, Second Vice President/Secretary and Past President. WDBC Officers are elected by the members  at the Annual  Membership Meeting, and official assume office January 1. Officers traditionally hold their position for a one (1) year period; but can continue for a succession of no more than 3 years, or until a successor is elected and assumed office. No WDBC officer or Board member receives compensation for service. Any Board member vacancy is filled by the appointment of an individual designated by the respective member firm. WDBC has adopted a Succession Policy regarding the election and officer vacancies. All WDBC Board and Committee activities are conducted in full compliance with antitrust laws. Accordingly, each member of the Council has committed to strictly adhering to these practices. Please see the WDBC AntiTrust Policy, December 2011.

WDBC 2016 Officers

Leofwin Clark, CH2M

John D. Doller, P.E., Carollo Engineers
1st Vice President/Treasurer

Stephen Gates, P.E., Brown and Caldwell
2nd Vice President/Secretary

David E. Kinchen, Black & Veatch
Past President

Board Member/Directors.

Bryan Bedell, Haskell

Marlea Tichy, PMP AECOM

Sheldon Eskelson, PM, Parsons

Bob Dudley, P.E., OBG

Patrick Gallagher, P.E., CDM Smith (Past President)

Peter W. Tymkiw, Senior Vice President, P.E., ARCADIS

Board Member Alternates

Sergio Bazarevitsch, P.E. Brown & Caldwell

Brian Daly,P.E. Parsons

Chitra Foster, P.E. CDM Smith

Vincent Alan Rea, Black & Veatch

William Hixon, P.E., BCEE ARCADIS

Lawrence Johnson, P.E.,HDR Inc.

Greg Welch, P.E. CH2M

Phil Sudol, Carollo Engineers

Cheryl Robitzsch, P.E., Haskell

Brian K. Adams, P.E., AECOM

At-Large Directors

Don S. Evans, Evans Group International

Edward Wetzel, Ph.D., P.E., Wetzel Consulting

WDBC Executive Director

Mark Alpert, P.E., Integrated Delivery Solutions

WDBC Operations Manager

Linda Hanifin Bonner, Ph.D, CAE

Jones Day (Anti-Trust Counsel)

Katherine Brockmeyer, Esq.

WDBC Past Presidents

David Kinchen, Black & Veatch (2015)

Andrew Albrecht/Norman Gadzinski, Parsons (2014)

Patrick Gallagher, P.E,  CDM Smith (2013)

Tom McMonagle, P.E., AECOM  (2012)

Peter M. Kinsley, Haskell (2011)

Bruce Allender, Black & Veatch (2010)

Peter Tunnicliffe, P.E., CDM Smith (2009)

Joseph Adams, MWH (2008)

Mark Alpert, P.E., Integrated Delivery Solutions (2006/2007)