WDBC Committees and Projects

Committee Structure & Responsibilities

WDBC Bylaws Article VII, Section 1, establishes two basic committee structures for the conduct and production of the Councils ongoing operations and work products.

  • Standing Committees are established within the organizations bylaws include those groups essential to the organizations operations:  Budget and Finance, Governance, Nominations, and Technical Practices. The President shall appoint the chair of the ad hoc or other committees unless otherwise provided by the Council’s Certificate of Incorporation, these Bylaws, or stated law
  • Other Committees (e.g., Adhoc) are created by the Executive Committee or Board of Directors to serve a specific purpose or function, and who defines their powers and duties, and dissolves them accordingly. There are no term limits to those appointments. In a roll call of Committee votes, no more than one (1) member vote will be counted. Committee roles and responsibilities, also defined in the Council’s Administrative Procedures are described below.

Standing Committees

Executive Committee – Chaired by the President

The role of Executive Committee (of the Board of Directors) is to provide oversight to the management and maintain the operations of the Council during the intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors. The EC meets monthly via teleconference.

Members – The Committee consists of the officers of the Council and the immediate Past President serving as an ex-officio member.

Responsibilities – During intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors, their role is authorized to exercise any powers of the Board except for those that are restricted by a resolution of the Board. The President serves as the Committee Chair and in his absence, the 1st or the 2nd Vice President will preside at all meetings.

Budget and FinanceChaired by the 1st Vice President/Treasurer – Steve Gates

Approved by the WDBC Board of Directors (September 11, 2011), the role of the Budget and Finance Committee is to work with the Operations Manager for the purpose of reviewing and acting upon such documents as provided by the Operations Manager on the ongoing financial operations of the organization and to ensure that all fiduciary responsibilities are fulfilled. It is also responsible to the Board of Directors for working with the Operations Manager on the administration of the Council’s current financial resources and developing the annual budget.

Members – The Committee is comprised of three Board members who include the current president, past-president, and current WDBC Treasurer together with the Operations Manager. Meetings are called at the direction of the WDBC Treasurer or Operations Manager, acting on behalf of the Chair, for the purposes of addressing specific financial matters to be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors.



  • Recommend policies on behalf of the WDBC relative to the management and investment of the Council’s finances
  • Provide direction to the “Independent Investment Advisor” (IIA) regarding the overall investment strategy and management of WDBC funds
  • Review and recommend action on the draft annual budget to be presented to the WDBC Board of Directors for approval at its Annual Member Meeting in December
  • Provide oversight of the internal controls put in place for the WDBC’s finances by the Operations Manager
  • Oversight of the Council’s annual audit or review conducted by a certified public accountant
  • Working with the Operations Manager to produce additional revenue enhancing strategies

Nominations Committee – Chaired by either the current or appointed Past President – Leofwin Clark

The role of the Nominations Committee is to ensure that a succession of qualified candidates to serve as a WDBC officer is provided on an annual basis.

Members – The Executive Committee serves as the Council’s Nominating Committee, with the current Past President as chair. In the event that the current Past President is unable to fulfill the role, the Executive Committee can appoint another Past President to fill the position.

Responsibilities – The Committee’s responsibilities are to annually nominate for the coming year, the Council’s officers and up At-Large Directors, to be presented to the members for election at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Technical Practices Committee – Chaired by Bob Dudley

Approved by the WDBC Board of Directors (April 25, 2012) as a standing committee, the role of the WDBC Technical Practices Committee is to ensure that consistency exists in all technical documents produced by WDBC and that they are in alignment with the Council’s mission.

Members – Member firm designates with interests in the development of best practices documents for the water design-build industry.

Responsibilities The committee’s responsibilities are to ensure that all documents and products produced by WDBC adhere to best practices of the design-build industry; and to provide support for the development and production of those documents that may be used for educational, information and advocacy purposes.

Governance Committee – Chaired by the 2nd Vice-President/Secretary – Bryan Bedell

The Governance Committee works with the Operations Manager to ensure oversight of compliance with and updating the Council’s bylaws and that the roles and responsibilities of WDBC officers and committees are fulfilled in accordance with parliamentary practices.

Members – Three designated member firm representatives serving on the Board of Directors, one past officer, and an at-large director.

Responsibilities – The Committee provides timely reviews and recommended changes to the current bylaws that reflect future needs and effective governance. It also ensures that proper procedures are followed during all meetings.


Appointed Committees

Communications/Outreach Committee  Chaired by Larry Johnson

The committee’s role is to ensure that effective communication, consistent on-target messages, and integration and promotion of both the Council’s and member projects occur on behalf of the Water Design-Build Council to achieve its mission and goals.

Members –  Member firm designated individuals with responsibilities in the water infrastructure for communications, marketing, social media, and public relations.

Responsibilities – Defines communications strategies that facilitate WDBC’s mission and that are in alignment with member company initiatives.

  • Participates in the development of an annual communications and publications plan
  • Provides input to the ongoing enhancements to the WDBC website and effective use of social media
  • Supports the Operations Manager with timely review of products being publicly released

Education Committee – Chaired by Leofwin Clark

The Education Committee develops and produces the course materials and implements an education and outreach program in conjunction with the Technical Practices Committee. The resulting products are directed to achieve best industry practices and fulfill the request of Owners’ needs for education.

Responsibilities – Recommends, develops, and produces education materials for the WDBC Training Program in conjunction with direction and input provided from the Technical Practices Committee.

  • Establishing and marketing an education program for Owners and industry members on best practices
  • Outreach to Owners regarding education opportunities
  • Updating WDBC Education Modules in conjunction with industry changes through the Technical Practices Committee
  • Production and support to an educational outreach program through presentations, workshops, and forums

Research Committee – Chaired by Steve Gates

The Research Committee was established to recommend and produce research products that endeavor to benefit the design-build/CMAR industry and fulfill the mission of the Water Design-build Council.

Members – Technical Practices and other member firm designates with interests and support for research.

Responsibilities – Defines and recommends the annual research program to facilitate WDBC achieving its mission.

  • Works with the Operations Manager to provide leadership direction and oversight of the defined technical research components as they are being developed
  • Participates in the development, review, and formulation of all related documents
  • Both develops and provides input and direction to documents produced by the Education and Technical Practices Committees
  • Supports the Operations Manager with timely review of products and technical direction required for the Councils decision-making process
  • Committee Authority and Duties  – Agendas shall be prepared and minutes shall be kept of all meetings. Committees may make such rules as they see fit for the conduct of their own meetings which not inconsistent with these bylaws or applicable to Council policies


Committee Authority and Duties  – Agendas shall be prepared and minutes shall be kept of all meetings. Committees may make such rules as they see fit for the conduct of their own meetings which are not inconsistent with these bylaws or applicable to Council policies.

Procedures No standing or ad-hoc committee shall have the authority to bind the Council in a legal commitment. The chair or officer of each committee shall be available at each membership meeting and at Board of Directors meetings to report on the activities which have been conducted since the last meeting and shall submit any recommendations, including requests for funding. The Board of Directors shall act upon requests for funding and may, at its discretion, override the approval of any program approved by the Executive Committee, and shall override and vacate such approval on advice of legal counsel.

Committee member alternates may be designated by the committee chairs or member firms and serve with the approval of the chair and shall have all rights of the committee member.