Collaborative Project Delivery

A comprehensive term used to define all project delivery methods which include Design-Build, Progressive Design-Build, Construction Management-at-Risk, Design-Build Operate, Design-Build-Operate-Finance; and Public-Private Partnerships (i.e., project delivery methods other than Design-Bid-Build)

Design-Bid-Build (DBB)

A delivery method, common in public procurement statutes, where an Owner enters into one contract with an engineer for the design of a project. In addition, the owner procures a construction firm under a separate contract for the construction, of a project based upon the completed design prepared by the engineer.

Design-Build (DB)

A delivery method where an Owner enters into a single contract with a Design Build team for the design, construction and commissioning of a project.

Progressive Design-Build (PDB)

A delivery method where an Owner enters into a single contract with a Design Build team for design, construction and commissioning a project. Procurement of a DB team through a PDB includes a qualifications based selection (QBS) process with limited pricing information included in the team submittal. The design and construction of the project progresses with a two (2) phased approach with an emphasis on collaboration and trust between the Owner and the design-builder in order to optimize pricing and scope of the project.

Phase I of the arrangement encompasses design up to 70% completion and preconstruction services including procurement planning, scheduling and progressive estimates for the project.

Prior to issuing a Notice to Proceed, the Owner and the Design Build team will agree upon a final price for the entire project. Phase II encompasses completion of the design, procurement of all vendor and subcontract packages, construction and commissioning of the project.

Design-Build-Operate (DBO)

A delivery method where an Owner enters into a single contract with a DBO team for the design, construction and long term operations of a project. Compensation of the DBO team includes a Fixed-Price for the design and construction of the project, followed by a combination of fixed and variable fees for operating costs for the O&M period.

Design-Build-Operate-Finance (DBOF)

A delivery method where an Owner enters into a single contract with a DBOF team for the design, construction, operations and financing of a project. The financing element of the DBOF arrangement may encompass financing for the entire project where fees paid to the DBOF team encompass all costs for the and construction of the project or short term financing for the construction of the project with repayment of the financing costs over the period for long term operations . Another approach that may be part of a DBOF delivery method would have the project owner repay short term construction financing prior to the initiation of the long-term operations.

Construction Management-at Risk (CMAR)

A delivery method where the project design is the responsibility of an engineering firm contracted directly with an Owner. Early on in the design phase of a project, a CMAR team is procured by an Owner with its ultimate scope being construction of the project as designed. During the design phase, the CMAR will participate via constructability reviews and value engineering of the design leading to an agreed upon price for the delivery of the project. The engineering firm and CMAR work together during the design phase to address potential design and construction issues while optimizing scope, schedule and pricing to be consistent with an Owner’s requirements and available budget.

Fixed-Price Design-Build (FP DB)

Fixed Priced Design Build is frequently used when the Owner has defined the project requirements and scope sufficiently for the Design-Build team to establish project costs early in the procurement process. Moreover, this approach can be used by an Owner whether a prescriptive (well defined) or performance based procurement approach is chosen. The fixed-price is the amount of money that includes an established price for a fixed scope of work, which may or may not include allowances.

Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)

A GMP can be the basis of a price in the delivery of services in a number of ways. A GMP is defined as the sum of all reimbursable costs and a fee (usually inclusive of overheard and profit)., Any costs incurred above the GMP and not the result in an Owner approved change in project scope are to the account of the service provider. GMP pricing is commonly used when an Owner chooses to use either a Progressive Design Build or Construction Management at Risk delivery approach.


The engineer of record for a project.

Joint Venture

The organization of two or more firms with joint-and-several liability to the Owner, capable of providing the services required under any delivery method. Joint Ventures in the context of Design Build usually involve the arrangement of an engineer and construction firm for the delivery of a project.

Process Performance Criteria

The detailed operational and technical requirements used as the basis for design, taking into account all feedstock (whether it be influent or raw water), and output requirements (NPDES permit or finished water quality standards),

Owner’s Consultant

A professional (individual or firm) retained to support an Owner as its representative and advisor during the procurement and/or contracting phase of a project.