4th Edition Handbook for Non-Members

Since its first edition in 2008, and through two subsequent updates, the Water Design-Build Council’s Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook has focused on achieving its education mission by producing guidance documents on the various collaborative delivery methods. Through the 4th Edition of this series, WDBC’s is furthering its purpose with expanded and more inclusive information and clear direction on best practices to those responsible for procuring, designing and building public and private water or wastewater capital projects. Industry members can take advantage of this education resource by following the directions below to purchase a copy either downloaded as a pdf or receiving a bound print copy in the mail.

Purchase your digital copy of the 4th Edition of the Design-Build Handbook, today!

To make your purchase and download your digital copy:

  1. Click the Buy Now button and complete your PayPal payment.
  2. Once you see the ‘Thank you for your order’ screen, click the ‘Return to Water Design-Build Council’ link
  3. On the second ‘Thanks for your order’ screen, you’ll see a notification indicating you’ll be redirected once the countdown is complete. You can wait, and be auto-redirected, or click on the ‘click here’ link to go to your PDF download.