A Positive Future for Design-Build Delivery: A Black & Veatch Report

The outlook for progress in the water infrastructure industry looks very bright; and Black & Veatch’s 2015 Strategic Directions Report further confirms that collaborative delivery models such as design-build and construction management-at-risk are at the forefront of making it become a reality.

This report, which surveyed 454 qualified utility, municipal, commercial, and community stakeholders, more than half of which responding were utilities, found that they were either currently using, or already considering the use of, design-build as part of the delivery strategy to implement their capital programs.design-build-delivery

The report also validated other industry sources claiming that the key advantages driving the use of collaborative design-build delivery models are scheduling savings, developing collaborative working relationships, the single point of responsibility, and cost savings. No longer considered an alternative delivery method, the benefits of design-build are not only continuing to drive the growing acceptance of DB in the market, but have now positioned it as “mainstream.”

While there are clear benefits outlined in the survey, the report also confirmed research data from the Water Design-Build Council (WDBC), indicating two of the single largest elements that raise owners’ concerns when considering DB delivery: Loss of control and life cycle challenges.

WDBC’s educational materials and programs confront these topics and provide further insight to resolving their concerns. Produced from WDBC’s research data, these education programs provide additional focus on loss of control and life cycle concerns, which are resolved through the recommended best practices and options embedded in the flexibility of collaborative delivery. Subsequently, control and life cycle are no longer concerns, but rather become assets to an owner’s successful delivery of their vital water and wastewater infrastructure.

Please click here for more information about Black & Veatch’s 2015 Strategic Directions Report. For more information about the Water Design Build Council’s education series, and to learn more about how collaborative delivery can benefit your water or wastewater agency or utility, please see our website.


About David Kinchen, Associate VP and Director, Black & Veatch

Based in Dallas, Texas, Mr. Kinchen currently serves as Regional Director for Black & Veatch Water, managing collaborative delivery projects (DB, CMAR, P3) in Black & Veatch’s North American water market. As part of his responsibilities, Mr. Kinchen is responsible for project development, strategic team relationships, strategy development, oversight of design concept development and pricing strategy, and design-build execution oversight. He has served as project executive, project manager and pre-construction director on multiple design-build assignments for municipal, industrial, and federal construction projects, and has 30+ years of experience. His project assignments have included DBB, CMAR, PDB, FPDB, and various P3 projects. He has worked for multiple top tier design and construction companies including Skanska, Balfour Beatty, Atkins, and Rust Engineering. David Kinchen is a past president of the WDBC and currently sits on the board of directors. He holds a BS from Auburn University, and studied at the Oxford University, London School of Business, and Advanced Studies in Business, RETP Civil Engineering, Georgia Tech.
Topics: Black & Veatch, Water Infrastructure/Treatment.

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