Hugh D. Brightwell


Hugh D. Brightwell is a senior construction manager in the alternative delivery group at PLW Waterworks (PLW) in Houston. He has more than 30 years of experience in construction, with 16 as an executive level construction manager for collaborative delivery projects in Texas. These projects range from the smaller, very high-risk and intricate to the large, multiple-stakeholder projects and from $500,000 to $180 million. Included among the many diverse projects in which Hugh served a pivotal role are the City of Houston’s Surface Water Transmission Program and the Bangkok Sewer Design-Build project. Hugh provided construction management and administration for the City of Houston’s Surface Water Transmission Program, groundwater/surface water distribution, surface water treatment facilities, and wastewater treatment facilities and has provided construction management expertise for one of the largest utility districts in the state, Clear Lake City Water Authority. In managing its inflow/infiltration reduction program, wastewater treatment upgrades, and water distribution upgrades, Hugh showed his overall knowledge of construction and operations and maintenance of large municipal systems. Hugh was assigned as the in-country construction manager for the design-build project for Bangkok Municipal Authority, Phase III, Wastewater Treatment and Collection Infrastructure, involving the coordination of design and construction of more than 85 kilometers of trenchless collector sewers, treatment capacity of approximately 70 mgd, and sludge handling facilities for 150 mgd capacity in two different service areas of Bangkok.

Hugh received his Bachelor of Science degree in engineering technology from Texas A&M University in 1985.