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About Blayne Goodman, Senior Project Manager, The Walsh Group

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Blayne joined The Walsh Group after graduating with a BS in civil engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. He has demonstrated competence, technical expertise, and leadership constructing water and wastewater infrastructure projects throughout his 15-year career, and now serves as a senior project manager for the Southern California Water Group. In this role, Blayne is responsible for maintenance of quality control standards, promoting a safety-focused culture, adherence to schedule, cost accountability, and the establishment of management systems. He oversees project administration, staffing, contract negotiation with subcontractors, and coordination among all design-build team members.

Avoiding Pitfalls to Optimize the Benefits of Progressive Design-Build Delivery

The growing popularity of progressive design-build (PDB) delivery over the last decade has been celebrated by owners, contractors, and designers alike throughout the water/wastewater industry. The delivery method has proven beneficial in reducing procurement time and costs, allowing owners to work with a single point of accountability throughout design and construction, and driving innovative and creative technical and design solutions without the limitation of the singularly developed, prescribed solution presented in an RFP. The PDB approach encourages the owner and …

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