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Dave Jones, Sales Manager, Energy Systems Group

About Dave Jones, Sales Manager, Energy Systems Group

Dave Jones is the sales manager for Energy Systems Group’s (ESG) Sustainable Infrastructure Group where he leads the development of innovative wastewater solutions for customers in the public sector. Dave has over 20 years of experience in wastewater and construction. His background and skills span operations & engineering management, business development & sales management, and general management.

Operating the Water Resource Recovery Facility: It’s a Business

A growing number of utility managers and influencers in the wastewater sector are transitioning to an operating model that mirrors private industry. One of the leading reasons for this shift is the fact that major infrastructure has not received the investment needed to keep pace with a changing economy and environment, let alone innovations in technology. To bridge the gap between their current operations and this new model, utilities are frequently turning to progressive-design build.

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Topics: Collaborative Delivery, ESG (Energy Systems Group), Progressive Design-Build.