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About Debra Coy, Principal, Svanda & Coy Consulting

Ms. Coy was a leading financial analyst covering the water sector for investors for 20 years before she launched her independent consulting practice in 2010. She provides strategic advisory services to companies and investors in the sector and is an advisor to XPV Capital, the largest water-focused venture capital fund in North America. She received several “Best Brokerage Analyst” awards for her water sector coverage on Wall Street, has appeared on numerous investment news broadcast, and been widely quoted in industry publications. She regularly speaks at industry events, focusing on the intersection between investment capital and public policy in meeting water infrastructure needs.

Business Models for the Future: American Water Summit

Those of us in the water industry are used to going to lots of conferences – trade shows, technical conferences, and smaller specialty events. It can feel pretty déjà vu at times, like we keep saying the same things over and over and not very much changes from year to year. However, I’m excited about the upcoming American Water Summit in Chicago on Nov. 14-15. With the current confluence of politics, budgets, and weather events, it feels that change is in the air.

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