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About Grant Johnson, BIM Construction Professional, MWH Constructors

Grant Johnson is a BIM construction professional. He received his Master of Science in construction management (virtual design) at the University of Washington, College of Built Environments. Over his 15-year career he has supported construction and BIM-related efforts on numerous construction projects across various sectors of the industry ($2B+). He is currently supporting MWH as a BIM coordinator on the Biosolids Digestor Facilities Wastewater Treatment Project located in San Francisco, CA.

“BIM” is Not a Four-Letter Word

The term BIM (Building Information Modeling) has the power to make a seasoned construction veteran cringe. I get it. BIM may sound scary to those who have not used its full advantages. A foreman once told me, “I’m not going to let a Nintendo tell me how to do my job!” Fair enough, but when applied appropriately, BIM can benefit building projects in a variety of ways by aiding design planning, coordination, construction, operations, and facilities management.

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