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About Jamey Steffen, PE, BCEE, Business Development Manager, The Walsh Group

Jamey Steffen is a business development manager for The Walsh Group’s water division. Jamey has 20 years of industry experience having worked for a municipality, water and wastewater equipment supplier, and as a contractor. His favorite moment as a water professional was fixing leaks in water distribution lines with bicycle tubes when serving as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer.

How the Design-Build Process Improves the Chance of Success for the Commissioning Process

The beginning stages of the design-build process may seem premature to begin discussions on commissioning, but early planning improves the chance of project success. Collaborating on commissioning with the design-build team allows an owner to articulate their goals and expectations for the project, develop a commissioning plan that is built upon throughout the design process, and successfully execute the plan. The commissioning team can work collaboratively during the design phase to develop warranty and functional testing requirements for process systems that articulate those owner goals and expectations. Early work packages with the design-build process also allow for the commissioning process to be spread out rather than everything occurring at the end, reducing stress on operations staff. For these reasons, utilizing the design-build process improves the chance for success in the commissioning process.

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