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About Joe Wingerter, Vice President, Kiewit Infrastructure Group

Joe Wingerter, vice president for Kiewit Infrastructure Group, supports senior leadership in the assessment of strategic markets and targeted infrastructure projects including the origination, development, pursuit, and delivery activities associated with collaborative procurement/contracting methods. Joe has 34 years of experience with Kiewit with more than a decade of early career training as a field/project engineer, estimator and project manager.

Best Practices for Owners Making Collaborative Delivery and Procurement Decisions

Last month in working with a client to prepare for a collaborative delivery project, they asked some interesting questions about how they can achieve a successful project with more certainty and predictability. This was not the first time this topic has been raised. Others have also expressed a desire for guidance. The good news is that across the board we are definitely seeing a significant increase in successful client/contractor experiences that result from working in a collaborative and transparent environment. The guidance provided below is part of the discussion that occurred on actions needed to achieve a successful project.

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