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About Joe Davis, Contracts Manager, Reynolds Construction

Joe Davis is the Contracts Manager for Reynolds Construction, LLC. Joe assesses contract risk for Reynolds and provides support and assistance to Reynolds' project managers and operations staff in the drafting, negotiation, review, and administration of prime contracts, subcontracts, teaming agreements and term sheets, design-build and CMAR agreements, blanket purchase agreements, and other procurement-related contractual issues. Prior to joining Reynolds, Joe spent 15 years in various positions within Georgia state government managing capital projects and programs, culminating in his assignment as the Deputy Director, Engineering & Construction Services, for the Georgia Department of Corrections. Before joining state government, Joe served 23 years as a U.S. Army Engineer Officer.

The Spearin Doctrine in Water and Wastewater Projects

When choosing a project delivery method for a water or wastewater project, it is imperative for the owner to understand the concept of the Spearin Doctrine and which party is accountable for the project design.

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