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About John D. Dyson, Product Manager, Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.

John holds a BS degree in chemistry from Longwood College. He has experience working with many treatment technologies through water and wastewater facilities. John’s experience with the many technologies gives him a unique ability to evaluate and determine the best solutions for clients. In addition, he has been involved in the introduction of several new technologies throughout his career. John has participated in many collaborative-delivery projects and on teams providing innovative technology solutions. He has been involved with AWWA, WEF, and WWEMA, including chairing committees in these organizations.

Innovative Technologies Play Key Role in Gaining Winning Advantage in Competitive Collaborative Delivery Projects

The word “innovative” is talked about a lot in the water and wastewater industry, but as an industry we have been slow to accept technology innovation. I have been in the industry for 30+ years and participated in several industry efforts with WEF, AWWA, NSF, and EPA—like the EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program, WEF’s LIFT program, etc.—to increase the use of innovative and new technologies. These programs typically test the equipment through a range of conditions and a report is written on the testing. Testing the full range of conditions that technologies might experience is virtually impossible in the water and wastewater industry since the influent conditions are constantly changing. The major difficulty in gaining the acceptance of new, innovative technologies has involved state-by-state regulatory approval, with some engineering firms and utilities not wanting to be early adopters due to the believed risk of failure and local bidding requirements.

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