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About John Gallegos and Tom Visosky, CDM Smith

John Gallegos is a Grade V operator who has been involved in collaborative project delivery for the water sector for 30+ years. He is the West Group O&M Manager for CDM Smith. Tom Visosky has been engaged in strategic project development for 20+ years, including planning, design, construction, and operation assistance of water/wastewater projects, many of which have been implemented utilizing collaborative delivery methods such as design-build, CMAR, alliance, and public-private partnerships. He is a vice president with CDM Smith, leading collaborative project delivery development for the West, serves on the WDBC Board of Directors and is a member of their Technical Practices Committee.

How An Operations-Focused Collaborative-Delivery Method Leads To A Successful Project

The success of collaborative-delivery methods, especially progressive design-build, is due in large part to the immediate engagement of an owner’s operation and maintenance (O&M) teams— specifically during design development and preconstruction. While this approach may appear difficult to execute, it’s actually quite simple when completed systematically.

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