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About Leofwin Clark, Vice President, Brown and Caldwell

As a vice president at Brown and Caldwell, Mr. Clark develops market strategy and leads at-risk (construction management at-risk, design-build, design-build-operate, P3, and program management at-risk) pursuits from identification and positioning through the proposal and negotiations processes. In addition to many years of membership on the DBIA Water/Wastewater Committee and as a DBIA Conference Co-Chair, Mr. Clark has served in several officer and board roles for the Water Design-Build Council, most recently as the Education Committee Chair.

Principles of O&M Engagement for Design-Build Projects

As design-build (DB) becomes more common for the development and construction of long-term infrastructure, the engagement of the owner’s operations and maintenance (O&M) team becomes significantly more important to project success. For some projects, the traditional design-bid-build process may not have taken advantage of the institutional knowledge available from the owner’s O&M teams as facilities and systems were designed, constructed, and commissioned. When projects are implemented without O&M team input, the O&M function can be “stuck” with facilities that do not work as well as they could have if there had been more O&M input into the entire project development process.

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Remember the Yugo!1

Remember the Yugo? Wikipedia reminds us that you could buy one of these imported cars brand new for $3,990 in 1987.2 That’s about $9,1003 in 2020 dollars — about a third less than the least expensive new car that you can actually buy today (which, according to Automobile Magazine, is a 2020 Chevrolet Spark LS for $14,395,4 if you happen to be in the market). A thirty-plus percent discount isn’t bad for a brand new car — it sounds like a great deal! Wouldn’t it be great if local governments and utilities paid as much attention to the competitive market? Wouldn’t ratepayers benefit from responsible budget management, competitive pricing, and efficiency?

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What’s Open-Book Pricing All About – How Does it Really Work?

(Excerpted from the Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook, 4th edition, and Education Program) Several of our industry’s best collaborative-delivery methods—particularly CMAR and progressive design-build—rely on an open-book process for developing cost and pricing during preconstruction. This process is used to achieve agreement on cost and then a price for the construction effort to proceed. In turn, the price is typically implemented either as a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) or a fixed-price contract provision.

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Topics: Brown and Caldwell, Collaborative Delivery, Open-Book Pricing, Progressive Design-Build.

Design-Build and Moore’s Law

If you’re using a computer to read this, you’ve probably heard of Moore’s Law. It’s the 1965 hypothesis by the co-founder of Intel, Gordon Moore, that computing power doubles every year or two. History has shown this projection to be largely accurate and the impact on our society has been profound. What does Moore’s Law have to do with design-build, which is, after all, all about bricks and mortar?

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