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About Mike Leonard, Director of Preconstruction Services, PC Construction

Mike Leonard's diversified experience includes projects within all of the company’s markets from commercial, educational, and campus to water treatment plants. His extensive background in cost-effective planning and buy-out delivers successful project results. As the director of preconstruction services, Mike leads PC’s full-service estimating team and more than $2 billion worth of water treatment cost estimating each year.

The CMAR Delivery Process – Is It Right For You?

Are you a “hands-on” owner who prefers to work collaboratively through the design and construction of your project? Do you like to maintain control over all project phases? If so, construction management at-risk (CMAR) may be the best delivery method to achieve your project goals. As collaborative-delivery methods continue to gain owners’ understanding and respect for the benefits they can provide to achieve best project value, CMAR truly stands out in the crowd. It provides the flexibility to select both your design and construction partners while allowing collaboration to begin early in design and continue through preconstruction and construction. This is extremely beneficial, especially for projects with tight schedules or complex scopes.

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