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Mike Munden, Water Operations Manager, Flatiron

About Mike Munden, Water Operations Manager, Flatiron

Mike Munden has over 20 years of heavy civil construction industry experience as a key member of project management teams on more than $1.5B worth of construction projects. Mike’s career has focused primarily in the water, wastewater, and energy sectors on projects in the western United States. Mike is an expert on collaborative-delivery methods for public and private clients and his experience and approach promotes collaboration throughout all project phases.

Allure of the Industry – Is It (Still) There?

Tower cranes flying materials for a high-rise in the downtown skyline. Excavators and loaders moving dirt and installing pipe along the side of the road. Bridges flying over a freeway one berm at a time. What is it that attracts people to the architecture/engineering/construction industry? Is it seeing those construction projects in action? If so, what aspects of that work entice someone to think about making that a career? At what age do those scenes resonate enough for someone to even start daydreaming about the industry?

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