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Richard Pyle, PE, Vice President, Carollo Engineers

About Richard Pyle, PE, Vice President, Carollo Engineers

Richard Pyle, PE, is a civil engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry. His career includes broad experience in managing large water resources projects including planning, design, and construction of various water and wastewater projects. As a vice president with Carollo, he is focused on assisting Carollo’s clients in the implementation of design-build, construction management at-risk, and other collaborative-delivery approaches.

Successful Owner Project Procurements Begin With Deciding What’s Important

When considering a project delivery approach, municipal owners may be reluctant to choose a collaborative-delivery method. Design-bid-build (DBB) has been the standard approach in public works contracting, so changing to a different approach can be challenging and uncomfortable. Some owners may fear that they have less influence with a collaborative-delivery approach than they do with DBB. Owners still maintain influence throughout collaborative delivery but will exert that influence differently than with DBB. This influence starts with the procurement documents and is memorialized in the design-build (DB) contract.

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