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About Ryan Roberts, P.Eng., PE, PMP, Senior Vice President, Stantec

Ryan Roberts is a senior vice president with Stantec and the water operations leader. He manages multidisciplinary teams that provide solutions to water supply and treatment, wastewater treatment, sewage collection, and pumping facilities for conventional and collaborative-delivery projects. Ryan’s experience includes leading some of the largest treatment facilities in North America, including extensive experience with collaborative-delivery models such as DB, progressive DB, P3, DBFOM, and CMGC/CMAR. He served as project/design manager for the 1,390-mld Bonnybrook WWTP, a multidisciplinary design project utilizing a team of hundreds of design staff coordinated to deliver 16 work packages. Ryan can be reached at

How Do You Decide the Best Project Delivery Approach?

Most major construction projects in the water and wastewater industry have conventionally been delivered through a design-bid-build (DBB) method of delivery. However, collaborative project delivery (CPD) methods are being considered more frequently in the public sector because they can provide a variety of benefits over traditional delivery methods such as time and/or cost savings. It is important to recognize that these benefits sometimes come with trade-offs, such as reduced control or change in risk, so the pros and cons of each CPD method need to be weighed.

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