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About Scott Thibault, PE, DBIA, Vice President - AECOM

Scott Thibault is vice president and director of operations for AECOM’s national water design-build practice. Scott specializes in the design-build (DB) and design-build-operate (DBO) implementation of water and wastewater facilities for both the public and private sector and leads a team of dedicated DB managers and engineers based in Chelmsford, MA. Scott is responsible for all aspects of project operations including proposal development, estimating, design management, procurement, contracting, quality control, financial management, and direct supervision of project management staff.

Strategies for Material Delivery and Price Escalation Risks on Collaborative Delivery Projects

The pandemic has impacted not only our day-to-day lives but it is forcing us to reexamine long-accepted approaches to how collaborative delivery firms specify and procure materials and equipment for our projects. A global scarcity of shipping containers, skyrocketing shipping rates, clogged ports, and shortages of manufacturing components are driving firms to evolve their procurement approach to avoid long lead times and escalation charges. Gone for now are the days when quality and price were the two primary drivers for equipment and material selection. Firms and owners are now putting greater emphasis on other factors such as manufacturing location, delivery methods, material availability, and fabrication lead times when selecting materials and equipment.

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What is the Importance of Well-Defined Acceptance Standards on Treatment Plant Design-Build Projects?

Two of the most important elements of a treatment plant design-build project are the performance and acceptance standards associated with the start-up and commissioning of the treatment plant. Performance standards can be defined as the standards the plant needs to meet in order to operate in compliance with applicable permits over a range of typical operating conditions. Acceptance standards can be defined as the standards the design-builder must meet in order to satisfy the contractual requirements of the design-build agreement with the owner. Ideally, the performance and acceptance standards should be closely aligned. Problems can arise when contractual acceptance standards are overly conservative in relation to the normal performance standards of the facility.

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