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About Tony Joyce, Sr. Vice President & Operations Manager, Kiewit Water

Tony has 30 years of construction and engineering experience in England, Australia, and the United States, specializing in leading water and wastewater projects procured through collaborative-delivery methods. As a Kiewit project executive, Tony serves as the highest level of oversight of multiple water projects in the Western United States. Because of his knowledge and experience building complex water treatment projects, Tony has developed an exceptional understanding of risk management, provides concrete ideas for value engineering and constructability reviews, and offers complete contract review and project management skills.

Timing Can Be A “Risky Business”

The discussion on risk allocation and project contingency versus design-builder contingency has been well documented in several previous blogs. The WDBC Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook also provides excellent guidance on best practices for risk allocation. However, my recent experiences on current projects have led me to believe that, far too often, a project’s price, contingency, and schedule are adversely impacted by not addressing project risks with the right team members at the right time, and this topic is worthy of further discussion.

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