Project Spotlight: Charnock Well Field Restoration Project (CA)

Charnock Well Field Restoration Project

Serving a population of nearly 90,000, the Santa Monica Water Treatment Plant and the city’s Charnock Well Field stand as examples of the issue faced by many utilities throughout the United States—limited fresh water supplies, mixed and/or emerging contaminants, and tighter regulations. After more than a decade with the Charnock Well Field closed due to contamination from MTBE (a gasoline additive), the City reached a settlement agreement with the three major oil companies, whose leaking underground storage tanks caused the contamination. The settlements would fund a restoration project on the facilities. On the heels of the lengthy settlement process, Santa Monica faced an urgent need to move toward water self-sufficiency.

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Project Spotlight: Longmont, Colorado, Water Treatment Plant

Located within Boulder County, the city of Longmont had been operating three water-treatment facilities: the Wade-Gaddis plant and two much older facilities known as the West plants. The city needed to replace the two aging plants due to more stringent regulator standards for drinking water and the increased demands of a growing population and economy. 

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Producing a CMAR Project Management Plan

Although many facts of managing a construction management at-risk project are similar to managing a design-build project, there are distinctive differences. Much like design-build projects, CMAR projects are also all about teamwork and reaping the benefits of constructor collaboration as early as possible in design development. In contrast, however, a CMAR project owner has separate contractual relationships with the CMAR firm and the designer.

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Project Spotlight: United Water New Jersey Water Treatment Facility

United Water New Jersey was facing a number of challenges: growing consumer demand, new stringent drinking water regulations from the New Jersey Department of Environment Protection, taste and odor issues in the treated drinking water, and aging water treatment plant equipment.

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Guidelines for Conducting the Procurement Process

Successful design-build or construction management at-risk projects begin with a well-planned and thoughtfully executed procurement process. This process should be based on the owner’s objectives, expectations and priorities that are clearly defined. Together or independently, these variables can affect the timeline and complexity of the procurement process, in addition to costs.

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8 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Project-Delivery Method

When it comes to water and wastewater infrastructure projects, more and more owners are reporting quality project results that are both on schedule and within budget. The common denominator? Collaborative project-delivery methods. But for decision makers, choosing the best project-delivery method can be challenging – every project is different. In order to select the best project-delivery method, here are the questions you need to consider:

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Project Spotlight: Carroll County, Maryland, Water Treatment Plant

In Maryland, the Carroll County Bureau of Utilities needed a 4-mgd expansion added onto their existing 3-mgd water treatment plant in order to adequately serve the county’s 31,000 residents. The bureau also needed to design and construct a new 24-inch water transmission main, as well ancillary equipment, structures and facilities.

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Parsons Breaks Ground on CMAR Desalination Project

WDBC member Parsons recently held a groundbreaking ceremony to kick off construction of a brackish groundwater desalination project for the San Antonio (Texas) Water System (SAWS). Event participants included SAWS trustees and San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro as well as other state and local dignitaries.

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City of Annapolis Awards Design-Build Contract for Water Treatment

City leaders in Annapolis, Maryland broke ground recently on a $35 million water treatment plant project, the largest construction project in the city’s history. The design-build project will update the city’s aging water infrastructure with a new state-of-the-art facility.

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Procuring a Design-Build or Construction Management At-Risk Project

The most successful design-build (DB) and construction management at-risk (CMAR) projects begin with a well planned procurement process that is based on the owners’s objectives, expectations and clearly-identified priorities. Individually or together, these attributes can affect the duration and complexity of the procurement process, as well as its cost. For a successful procurement process, an owner must have knowledge of state and local regulations and must provide a clear statement of the project’s requirements, as well as a draft contract that includes terms, selection criteria and schedule. Clearly conveying this information in a transparent process minimizes unnecessary expenditures of time and resources for both the owner and potential design-build or CMAR firms.

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