Project Spotlight: Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

When regulatory limits for E.coli were placed on the wastewater treatment plant for a Midwestern manufacturing company, the company turned to Water Design-Build Council member Black & Veatch, which maintains a long history of assisting with the client’s wastewater treatment needs. While working on a solution to the regulatory issues, Black & Veatch identified the potential for a fast-track, design-build delivery of an alternate process to help meet the tight permit compliance schedule and significantly improve wastewater effluent quality.

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Design-Build Project Delivers High Quality Water for Dania Beach

Prior to 2008, the city of Dania Beach, FL, had exceeded the capacity of its nanofiltration plant on several occasions, requiring the City to purchase water. Additionally, while the City had always complied with increasingly stringent disinfectant byproduct (DBP) rules, monitored DBP levels in the distribution system were higher than the City desired. To meet increased drinking water demands and improve finished water quality, the City partnered with Water Design-Build Council member CDM Smith on a new treatment process based expansion that integrates with the City’s existing 3-mgd lime stabilization water treatment plant.

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New Tool Helps Water Utilities Implement Effective Utility Management

The Water Research Foundation and WDBC member CH2M HILL have teamed up on benchmarking tool for effective utility management. The tool, released earlier this month, will help utilities plan, implement, measure, and monitor organizational performance enhancements against 10 specific attributes of effectively managed utilities.

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Identifying Energy Solutions that Finance Themselves

Is it possible to make energy upgrades to your water or wastewater treatment facility without being hampered by the inability to raise rates or undertake expensive capital improvements? Now it is. Energy Performance Contracting enables utilities seeking to reduce energy costs to use their cost savings to finance their installations and upgrades. As one of the greatest users of energy, water and wastewater plants now have a new, cost-effective option to lower power consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.

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AECOM Joint Venture Awarded $285.8M Contract by Thames Water

A joint venture involving Water Design-Build Council member AECOM Technology Corporation has been awarded a US$285.8-million contract by Thames Water to rebuild Deephams Sewage Treatment Works, one of London’s largest sewage works facilities.

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Understanding the True Cost of Water

The British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) featured Bryan Harvey of WDBC member company CH2MHill in two recent broadcast segments on water, one of the world’s most precious natural resources. Bryan shared his perspective on the true cost of water and why it is important for nations and consumers to understand the value of water.

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HDR Expert Authors New Book On Activated Sludge Technologies

One of the key pillars of the Water Design-Build Council’s mission is education, and over the past year, we’ve produced quite a few new educational documents designed to raise awareness of design-build and alternative project delivery methods in the water and wastewater sector. In addition to our own educational content, our members produce a variety of materials relating to best practices. This past November, Joe Cleary, a senior vice president and section manager of engineering design services with WDBC member HDR Inc., co-authored a newly released book: “Activated Sludge Technologies for Treating Industrial Wastewaters – Design and Troubleshooting.” The book is for students, plant operators and engineers seeking knowledge and case studies on recent developments in activated sludge biological treatment.

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Brown & Caldwell Wins Award for Seattle Water Project

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) and WDBC member Brown and Caldwell recenty received the Award for Excellence in Innovation from the Water Environment Research Foundation. The award recognizes the team’s work to improve the flood grouting process that has allowed Seattle Public Utilities to cope with frequent wet weather sanitary sewer backups and overflows in the city’s Broadview neighborhood. This project adds a new tool to the infiltration reduction toolbox.

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Aging Water Infrastructure: From Out of Sight to Top of Mind

Once buried issues, potentially crippling effects of aging water infrastructure have started to come to the surface. Every year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates about a quarter-million water main breaks occur across the United States, threatening safe water supplies, causing street and property flooding and creating sinkholes. What’s more, about 75,000 sanitary sewer overflows annually contaminate recreational waters, leading to thousands of illnesses, according to the EPA.

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Developing Procurement Documents for Progressive DB Projects

Through a partnership with the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA), the Water Design-Build Council is pleased to announce a new “Design-Build Done Right” webinar on Developing Procurement Documents for Progressive Design-Build Projects.

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