Carollo Engineers Supports California Direct Potable Reuse Initiative

WDBC member Carollo Engineers, a California-based, water-focused consulting engineering firm, recently announced a pledge of $150,000 toward a new Direct Potable Reuse (DPR) research initiative, led by the WateReuse Research Foundation (WRRF). Since July of 2012, the WRRF has raised more than $2.7 million toward the California DPR Initiative, which exists to help California meet its legislative and state-mandated DPR initiatives by 2016.

DPR is a new approach to potable reuse. Indirect Potable Reuse (IPR), through augmentation of aquifers and surface water supplies, has been successfully implemented for more than 30 years. With the support of the industry, WRRF has taken measured steps to conduct detailed research of appropriate treatment and water management approaches to protect the environment and public health when implementing IPR.

Carollo has made significant contributions to the body of IPR research by serving as lead investigators for the use of membranes for trace pollutant removal (WRRF 06-019), the use of advanced oxidation processes to destroy pathogens and EDCs (WRRF 02-009), and the use of soil aquifer treatment (SAT) to remove pathogens (WRRF 10-10). Though IPR is a viable and safe method for potable reuse, it has large cost impacts and implementation issues.

Recently the industry has begun examining DPR – which is the treatment and reuse of water for potable use without the use of an environmental buffer such as a groundwater basin or lake. WRRF is already at the forefront of this research initiative, with several DPR projects exploring how to properly modify IPR treatment and monitor approaches to deem DPR equally safe and reliable.

“Through our extensive history with IPR and our commitment to advancing DPR within the industry, we are dedicated to supporting California’s water reuse goals,” said Andrew Salveson, Water Reuse Chief Technologist and Associate Vice President with Carollo Engineers. “With WRRF’s multi-million dollar research agenda on track to characterize DPR issues and treatment needs, Carollo is proud to be a partner on such a vital industry initiative. We look forward to contributing to the safe, affordable, and reliable implementation of DPR to help address California’s water resource needs.”

Today, Carollo is leading the way with key projects within the DPR initiative. These include: working with NASA and other scientists to reduce risk for DPR projects (WRRF 11-10), defining alternative treatment technologies for both IPR and DPR to lower treatments costs (WRRF 11-02), demonstrating the benefits of engineered direct potable reuse – compared to unintended indirect potable reuse (WRRF 11-05), and properly designing engineered storage and monitoring for DPR (WRRF 12-06).

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