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Balancing Self-Performance and Subcontracting in Collaborative Delivery Projects

As the number and size of infrastructure projects continue to increase, while the qualified available workforce continues to decrease, contractors who traditionally identify as “self-performing” contractors find themselves having to make decisions on what scopes of work they ultimately need to self-perform for project success. This is especially true on the “mega-sized” projects. Collaborative delivery projects, such as construction management at-risk (CMAR) and progressive design-build (PDB), if approached correctly from the outset, allow self-performing contractors to concentrate on those packages required to maintain the project schedule, while ensuring a successful project by attracting the “best of the best” subcontractors to perform the other scopes of work.

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Benefits of a Proven Self-Performing Design-Builder

A critical element of success for progressive design-build projects is cost savings. It is the design-builder’s job to make every penny of the guaranteed maximum price (GMP) count. A self-performing design-builder provides cost and schedule certainty during the design-to-budget process. These advantages also extend to construction activities, where the design-builder provides the client with the ability to cost-effectively self-perform much of the construction work, controlling the critical path and managing project risk. Here are some specific benefits to self-performance in the design-build delivery method.

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