Messages from Member Corporate Leaders

“Design-build and other collaborative-delivery methods are becoming increasingly prevalent options in the water industry in the United States, and this is due in no small part to organizations like the Water Design-Build Council. Through education, outreach, and the promotion of design-build best practices and other resources, the WDBC is helping owners and state agencies realize the benefits that design-build can bring to the water industry.”

  • Cindy Wallis-Lage, President – Black & Veatch Water


“Owners we work with are gaining many benefits from the use of integrated project delivery methods. They are getting the delivery teams they want, responsibilities and risk allocation are clearer, and end product quality is better. Projects are being delivered faster and with dramatically less claims and litigation. This is a significant subject of change in our industry, where new thinking and learning are continually needed. The Water Design-Build Council is the pathway for this cause, and Brown and Caldwell is proud to support its efforts.”

  • Craig Goehring, CEO – Brown and Caldwell


 “The Water Design-Build Council has played a major role in the growth and evolution of collaborative-delivery methods in the water industry. The efforts of the WDBC have not only improved our industry’s understanding of DB best practices and applicability, but also promoted stronger and more collaborative partnerships between owners, designers, and contractors. Carollo is proud to be a part of the WDBC, and we look forward to our continued involvement.”

  • B. Narayanan, CEO – Carollo Engineers, Inc.


As I reflect back to the creation of the Water Design–Build Council, I am pleased to see the progress that the water industry has made in the efficient delivery of capital infrastructure. The Council was established to provide best practice information to owners, engineers and contractors, as well as to a specialty type of firm then emerging in the US water market, the “design-builder.” At that time, use of design-build delivery in the water market was less than 10% of the annual capital spend. Today, as we close the books on 2014, design-build and various alternate delivery hybrids account for as much as 40% of the annual capital spend in the water market. The members of the Council remain committed to providing best practices information to the entire water industry: the owners, the engineers, the design-builders and the general contractors. To continue to gain efficiency in the global marketplace, we must be constantly challenging the “norm” and collaborating to build a stronger America!

  •  Peter W. Tunnicliffe, PE, DBIA, CIRM, Executive Vice President & President, CDM Constructors, Inc.


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