From Tom McMonagle, 2012 Water Design-Build Council President

We are continually hearing in the various media reports that the priorities of most cities and agencies within North America are infrastructure improvements – with water and wastewater ranking as high. Our member companies are also reporting that greater use of design-build and CMAR project delivery methods are also occurring. And we also find that these are very valid reasons for the increase in the use of design-build and CMAR as preferred project delivery methods.

An August 13 article in ENR magazine summarizing the Construction Industry Institute research study reports that the top four factors linked to performance (of construction projects) are: the contract method used, the work relationships that occur, the scope definition, and the ensuing planning process. Not so coincidentally, these same performance characteristics corroborate the very attributes achieved in the use of design-build and CMAR delivery methods.

As an educational organization, the Water Design-Build Council focuses on producing materials reinforcing the “best practices” for industry water and wastewater projects that achieve these characteristics. In the coming months, the WDBC will publish new resources on these “best practices” and applications. These resources, identified below, will be available through the WDBC website.


WDBC Launches Outreach Strategy

The first of WDBC’s 2012 outreach initiatives, designed to engage industry members in a dialogue and provide information, is a new blog and LinkedIn page. These two activities are the prelude to the enhancements and updates to the WDBC website. The regularly published blog will convey updates about the products and materials being produced. The blog also integrates a mechanism, through LinkedIn, where questions and comments can be provided to be addressed by WDBC.

WDBC Website

Enhancements to the WDBC website not only focus on providing educational resources, but also on providing the ability to receive these materials through the IPad, Iphone &….. The current project map will be capable of providing Google-Earth views of the various water and wastewater systems profiled, with a photo gallery. The updated website also enables users to have expanded search capabilities for obtaining needed resources – and provide immediate links to other industry networks.

P3 State Legislation Analysis

What are the North American states where legislation exists to permit the use of progressive design-build and CMAR project delivery methods? The answer to this question is identified in the results from an independent research study recently conducted by the Water Design-Build Council. This research effort looked at those states where design-build legislation currently exists and identified the nuances and inconsistencies that existed to preclude the use of progressive design-build. The next E-News issue will spotlight this report – with a summary copy on the website. The full research report will be available to members.

Educational Video Series

In November, the first of three educational videos will be available on the WDBC and DBIA websites. This also marks a new collaborative venture towards education about design-build and CMAR of water and wastewater projects. WDBC will have the video available on its website for viewing and education; DBIA will use the videos in its CEU education program – focusing on water and wastewater projects.

2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Under contract to the Water Design-Build Council (a not-for-profit educational association), the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Construction and Cannon Survey Center of University of Nevada Las Vegas has begun to survey public owners and policy officials who have implemented water and wastewater infrastructure projects with the use of alternative project delivery methods – design-build, construction management at-risk, and general contractor/construction management. The objective of this research is to determine the level of satisfaction and benefits experienced by owners. The overall goal of this research is to understand the needs of infrastructure owners in implementing projects using alternative delivery methods and to provide additional education as defined. The results will be available in December.

WDBC Progressive Design-Build Procurement Guide

Given the benefits and growing popularity of the progressive design-build (PDB) approach to deliver water infrastructure projects, the Water Design-Build Council is developing a set of model procurement documents. The objective is to provide for public officials, owners, decision makers and industry members a user-friendly guide defining the steps involved in the PDB procurement process. Another purpose is to provide the much needed and requested support to facilitate the procurement process to effectively and efficiently identify and select qualified bidders for PDB projects. An update on the document’s production process will occur next month. All WDBC presentations are not only accessible for use, but are also offered as a half-day workshop for companies working in the water design-build industry. Call the WDBC office for additional information.

WDBC Resources for Workshop and Group Presentations

These include a variety of materials providing knowledge and skills about water design-build project delivery. Contact the WDBC office (410-798-0842) for more information or assistance.

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