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The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati
Notice of Upcoming Request for Qualifications
Little Miami Wastewater Treatment Plant Solids Disposal with Odor Control Progressive Design-Build Project


The City of Cincinnati (the “City”) will be soliciting from firms to design and build the Little Miami Wastewater Treatment Plant (“LMWWTP”) Solids Disposal with Odor Control Project (“Project”).

The City will select a design-builder on a best-value basis, considering both pricing and other criteria as will be described in the request for qualifications (“RFQ”) and in the request for proposals (RFP). The RFQ is anticipated to be advertised in October 2021. Contract award is currently planned for third quarter 2022, with Project completion by mid-2027. Project completion time and Project performance goals are of the essence.

The advertisement will be posted at

The Project will include construction of a regional digestion facility at the LMWWTP. The work to be completed under this Project generally includes:

  • Receiving facilities for liquid high-strength waste and fats, oil, and grease
  • Receiving facilities for hauled sludges from two other MSDGC wastewater treatment plants
  • Thickening for hauled and LMWWTP sludge
  • Thermophilic temperature-phased anaerobic digesters and supporting structures to produce a Class A biosolids product
  • Biogas conditioning and upgrading for onsite power generation and for use as vehicle fuel
  • Sludge dewatering by centrifuges
  • Mitigation of struvite deposition
  • Odor control for new processes
  • New levee around the new facilities for flood protection

The approximate cost of the project is $166M.

The following technical qualifications as it relates to the Project scope overview should be demonstrated by the respondent and its design-build teaming partners:

1. Design-build and other collaborative contracting experience
2. Design experience
3. Permitting experience
4. Construction experience
5. Cost estimating
6. Scheduling
7. SBE utilization