Education Programs

Our goal is to equip officials, managers, and staff of municipal, private, and governmental organizations with the essential knowledge to use best practices in planning, procuring, and managing collaborative delivery projects for water and wastewater facilities and their infrastructure. Check the Events page for the latest listing of education and training sessions.

Session Topics

  • Deciding to Implement a Collaborative Delivery Project
  • Principles and Best Practices of Collaborative Delivery
  • Risk Management and Contracts
  • Conducting the Procurement Process
  • Managing and Implementing Collaborative Delivery Projects
  • Getting to Project Completion and Transition

Session Details

Two Options:

  1. Regional education workshops are hosted by members/advisors and are open to anyone. Trained members participate in conducting the sessions.
  2. Owner-requested education sessions are provided at the request of specific owners. These are conducted by WDBC staff and owners may request that member firms not be present in order to avoid conflicts of interest on future procurements. Bringing the sessions to owners allows maximum participation without traveling to an off-site location and incurring additional expenses.
  • We offer full-day (7 hours), or 1-1/2-day (10 hours) sessions, with the option to expand and/or customize.
  • A good class size is 20-40 attendees, which should include procurement, legal, and operations and maintenance representatives. We encourage inviting other agencies and public officials that could be involved in either current or future projects.
  • Our sessions are continually updated courtesy of utility and agency managers throughout the U.S. who have told us “what they need to know” in order to be prepared to handle both regular and emergency issues related to water infrastructure projects.
  • Participants receive (and use) the WDBC Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook and additional handout materials.
  • A pre-session questionnaire is used to guide the session and achieve participant learning objectives.

 *Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently offering the option of online education sessions. Please contact us for more information.

Session Instructors

Instructors are experienced practitioners who provide first-hand knowledge of effectively accomplishing a design-build water infrastructure project.

Program Costs

WDBC’s education session costs are structured to cover basic program expenses:

  1. For owner-requested sessions, the hosting agency provides:
  • Instructors’ transportation, lodging, meals, and per diem
  • Conference/classroom, attendees, any needed refreshments, and AV equipment
  • Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook & Workbook, 5th Edition (at cost)
  • Related program expenses
  1. For regional sessions, sponsored by member firms, a per person fee is charge to cover minimum costs.

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Arrangements for an education session are made through the WDBC office by contacting Robert Golden, CAE, RCE, WDBC Business Operations Manager, at 720-845-2946 or email to: