Member Benefits

Since 2006, no other national organization has dedicated itself exclusively to the values of the water design-build industry by:

  • Promoting best practices in the procurement and delivery of design-build (DB) and construction management at-risk (CMAR) water and wastewater projects,
  • Conducting research to assess industry and owner education needs about DB and CMAR delivery, and
  • Facilitating collaborative relationships among owners, design-builders, and engineering and construction firms.

Member Benefits – Why Do Firms Join WDBC?

  • To have an active role in shaping industry positions
  • To be involved as industry thought leaders
  • To engage in valuable research that benefits member firms and the water industry
  • To participate in outreach programs and conferences in which their projects and the benefits of DB and CMAR delivery are nationally promoted

In addition, member firms are at the forefront of creating industry standards and best-practice documents, such as:

Membership in WDBC has a direct impact on growing individual member firm businesses. Participation in WDBC helps break down industry barriers, and provides market recognition and exposure for member firms. It generates more business opportunities through value creation for prospective owners.

Industry Value

Overall, the whole industry benefits from WDBC’s free educational materials, whose sole mission is to inform others about the best practices and value of collaborative-delivery methods for the water and wastewater infrastructure.

  • WDBC’s membership includes firms using collaborative methods – DB, DBO, and CMAR – to deliver water and wastewater systems and infrastructure throughout North America.
  • WDBC achieves direct and active participation of members’ senior executives responsible for the water and wastewater business, supported by their business development, marketing, and communication staffs.
  • WDBC is dynamically involved in current industry initiatives and policy-based impediments.
  • Leading edge social media initiatives are employed, using the WDBC website which publishes members’ technical papers, its educational videos, monthly E-News, the Water & Wastewater Design-Build Handbook, and articles in industry publications.

Strategic Initiatives

WDBC’s resources are solely directed to education, research, and best practices – supporting member capabilities by promoting collaborative delivery for water and wastewater projects, which:

  • Encourages changes to state and municipal regulations and codes
  • Educates policy officials by facilitating effective governance based on solid research
  • Equips members with products which enable responses to clients’ needs for collaborative-delivery methods
  • Validates the benefits of collaborative delivery through successful case studies
  • Provides essential educational materials to support members’ work that include:
  • Shapes industry direction to a more collaborative business approach for the mutual benefit and growth of industry members and the clients served

WDBC is supported entirely by member contributions and dues and maximizes its resources by operating as a low-overhead virtual organization. Meeting quarterly, members actively discuss current industry initiatives and policy-based impediments. The Council maintains proactive engagement of antitrust counsel. As an action-based organization, we deliver the right service, products, and tools to advance the use of collaborative delivery based on a mutual understanding of industry initiatives and impediments.

The Water Design-Build Council’s mission, commitment, and strategic educational initiatives represent unparalleled value for the water and wastewater construction industry and provide invaluable benefits to our members.

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