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P3 Federal Conference

November 27-28, 2018
Marriott Marquis
901 Massachusetts Avenue NW 
Washington, DC, 20001

The 2018 P3 Federal Conference offers extraordinary P3 education and networking opportunities to public agencies and industry professionals exploring P3s and seeking to better understand how collaborative delivery can address their project needs.

Join the audience of over 750 senior decision makers from industry and local, state, and federal agencies for two days of in-depth networking, education, and business development.

WDBC will facilitate two sessions:

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

11:15 AM – 12:30 PM
Interactive Roundtable Discussions
Expo Hall
A series of interactive roundtable conversations on critical P3 topics. Each conversation will last approximately 20 minutes, and during the session attendees will be able to participate in 3 different discussions. Roundtable conversations are meant to be informal, candid exchanges where participants can ask their questions and concerns, share experiences, and network. Presenters will guide discussions by bringing up case studies, targeted issues, and topics impacting the current P3 landscape.

Table 16: Addressing Impediments to P3 Projects in the Water Sector
What are the obstacles that managers commonly encounter when pursuing a P3? What do owners truly need to ensure a successful project? While all of the solutions to this topic cannot be addressed adequately in a roundtable, we will use this forum to initiate suggestions, share experiences and highlight owner responses from Water Design-Build Council’s “Impediments” and “Lessons-Learned” research. A sample of prevalent topics to be discussed will include: i) Budget and financial expectations of organizations considering a P3 project; ii) Contract development and procurement; and iii) first-time inexperience – how to manage uncertainty about how and why to start.

Presenter: Linda Hanifin Bonner, Ph.D, Executive Operations Manager, Water Design-Build Council

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

8:00 AM –9:00 AM 
Applying Design-Build Best Practices to P3 Project Delivery
Liberty Ballroom B
The panel presentation discusses the intersection of current design-build practices and how they should be adapted for a P3 project. With a collaborative delivery inherently embedded in almost any P3 approach, mastering the design-build learning curve is fundamental to successfully implementing P3 projects. The presentation focuses on identifying key issues and risk transfer considerations unique to design-build delivery followed by an interactive discussion addressing key implementation issues. For example: what are the preparation steps needed to implement a P3 project without prior hands-on design-build experience? How does the fixed-price design-build approach translate to a P3 procurement, particularly in relation to prescriptive- versus performance-based requirements? Is there a progressive design-build option within the P3 framework? How does the risk transfer and securitization of existing DBO models compare to typical P3 practice? And, lastly, how can commissioning approaches and acceptance metrics for design-build and DBO projects be applied in a P3 environment?

Linda Hanifin Bonner, Ph.D, Executive Operations Manager, Water Design-Build Council

Patrick Brooks, PE, Sr. Vice President, Parsons
David Kinchen, Global Practice Leader, Burns & McDonnell

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