Beverly Hills Water Treatment Plant (CA)

AECOM selected for DBO of reverse osmosis water treatment plant

The City of Beverly Hills selected AECOM to provide services to design, build and operate its reverse osmosis water treatment plant as well as a 30,000-square-foot public works building.

As the first design water facility project in California, AECOM delivered a cost-effective, comprehensive approach to the construction of a water treatment facility and a much-needed public works facility.

City of Beverly Hills Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant

The resulting treatment plant takes an all inclusive, integrated water management approach with seamless services in design, construction, project finance and operations through a treatment plant that blends with the surrounding environment. It also presented a viable alternative to the past plan, where drinking water was purchased from an outside water source.

The plant treats an average of 3.5 million gallons per day from water supplies containing high total dissolved solids, hydrogen sulfide and total hardness using a reverse osmosis water treatment system, to remove dissolved solids and hardness. This system includes prefiltration, booster pumps, pretreatment chemical feed, and a two-stage reverse osmosis treatment skid. Air stripping and oxidation remove hydrogen sulfide while an air scrubber prevents emissions of excessive hydrogen sulfide into the atmosphere. The plant can be expanded by 100 percent and should the need arise, iron and manganese filtration can be also be added.