Cecil Commerce Center Water Treatment Plant (FL)


  • The plant is designed for a maximum daily flow of 23.1 MGD and peak hourly flow of 29.6 MGD with future expandability to 30 MGD.
  • The entire low-lying wetland site had to be raised to bring grade up to a buildable level.
  • The construction materials used were selected for their ability to blend in with surroundings.
  • Awarded a Local Award of Excellence and a National Award of Merit from Associated Builders and Contractors in 2004.

A clear partnership from start to finish.

This design-build project, born of a joint venture between Haskell and Stantec (formerly MWH), was the second in a multi-project award contract from JEA, one of the nation’s largest community-owned utilities. It was also JEA’s first design-build effort for a greenfield water treatment plant.

Haskell met today’s capacity needs while preparing for tomorrow’s.

The plant, designed to provide a maximum daily flow of 23.1 MGD and peak hourly flow of 29.6 MGD, is complete with provisions for expandability to 30 MGD maximum daily flow. While the future-proof design increased initial costs, the expandable plant will save valuable resources in future construction efforts throughout the lifecycle of the plant.

Single-source contracting guaranteed quality and control.

JEA effectively used one contract to improve four plants and had a highly attuned, professional team dedicated to efficiently and effectively meeting their objectives. Haskell’s ability to self-perform an estimated 32 percent of construction was a critical means to control quality, safety, scheduling and budget. We were thrilled creative solutions, pleasing aesthetics and guaranteed quality earned us additional engagements with JEA.

“Haskell’s ingenuity has allowed us to deliver pure, uncompromised drinking water without any doubt.”

Scott Kelly
Vice President – Water and Wastewater Systems, JEA