City of Goodyear Multiple Project Solution (AZ)

The City of Goodyear, Arizona, faced a water quantity and quality crisis. Rapid growth outpaced the city’s water supply, the availability of an additional source of treated surface water was years away, and the local groundwater was brackish. To complicate matters, a new baseball spring training facility with a large water demand was under construction.

The city chose the progressive design-build delivery approach, and for over two-and-a-half years, the city and Brown and Caldwell Constructors conceived, designed, and built a multitude of innovative solutions to remedy the city’s potable water challenges.

Goodyear AZ Water Treatment Plant

In the span of three months, Brown and Caldwell Constructors converted an agricultural well for raw water use, the  city’s first new water source in over four years. Brown and Caldwell Constructors subsequently relocated a major production well and designed and constructed the city’s first prototypical raw production well. The team also constructed a permanent 5 MGD (expandable to 7 MGD) reverse osmosis facility to replace a temporary reverse osmosis treatment system that was slowly losing capacity and was unreliable. The plant was completed on schedule and was put into full production in 2008. The total cost of these projects was approximately $25 million. The team saved the city in excess of $1 million by utilizing existing components of old and abandoned facilities and by phasing the work to match the city’s available capital funds with their water demands.