Glynn County Water Pollution Control Plant Upgrade (GA)


  • Expansion and improvement of existing .3 MGD water pollution control plant to 2 MGD with provisions for 4 MGD.
  • Haskell utilized a horizontal directional drill during installation to protect the pristine coastal marsh area.

Haskell helped Glynn County quench its growing water supply issue.

With demand outpacing its existing .3 MGD water pollution control plant, Glynn County turned to Haskell for a solution. The result was a 2 MGD facility upgrade to meet current demand with provisions to transition to 4 MGD when necessary.

We increased output while protecting delicate marsh habitat.

One of the project’s most significant benefits was protection of the plant’s surrounding marsh area and natural habitats during construction. We used directional boring to limit environmental impact during effluent line installation and installed a unique river diffuser system, which immediately increased capacity to .5 MGD.

Haskell met each challenge with an innovative solution.

Our skilled craftsmen responded to the challenging concrete structures by constructing our first clarifiers and the largest oxidation ditch in our company’s history. The design of project’s ultra-complex headworks required the use of every single Haskell forming method in this single structure.

Glynn County credits expertise for the job well done.

County engineers were pleased to move through such a massive project without significant issues. We were equally proud to resolve Glynn County’s wastewater treatment shortage both on time and under budget.

“In my over 30 years of experience I have never had a project of this scope and magnitude go so well…The project was completed on time and under budget which is a tribute to the entire team.”

Paul J. Bruner, Jr. P.E.
County Engineer, Glynn County Department of Engineering Services