Hilton Head Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant (SC)

Hilton Head seeks support from AECOM’s water design build specialists for its Reverse Osmosis Water Plant

At AECOM, our water design build specialists are providing Design-Build services for the Reverse Osmosis Water Plant at the Town of Hilton Head Island. The plant will provide 3-MGD of drinking water to the Island initially, with the capability to produce 6-MGD at build-out.

Hilton Head Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant

Hilton Head has experienced a boom in population growth, from both seasonal tourism and year-round population growth. The current source of drinking water on Hilton Head Island consists of a combination of groundwater from the Upper Floridan aquifer and a connection to a surface water supply, operated by another local water authority. Hilton Head Island has been forced to close or reduce pumping from five of its eleven wells due to saltwater intrusion caused by over-pumping in recent years, and is in danger of losing two more by 2008.

Field terminations were minimized, as was the interconnecting piping and wiring. Skid-mounted piping was installed and properly supported for operation.

AECOM is also the General Contractor for the project, in partnership with another firm, who will provide building construction and mechanical installation.