Lebanon WWTP Solids Handling Improvements (OR)


  • $4.3-million project to improve solids handling using the Siemens Cannibal®
  • $500,000 savings over other biosolids handling systems, with additional O&M cost savings throughout the life of the facility Solids Reduction System.
  • Superior safety performance with zero recordable and zero lost time incidents


For more than 40 years, Jacobs has been working with the City of Lebanon, Oregon, to provide custom engineering expertise and O&M solutions for its water and wastewater treatment systems. Over the years the partnership has grown to involve many new projects.

Most recently, Jacobs collaborated on an important design-build-operate project to upgrade the city’s wastewater treatment plant with a Siemens Cannibal® Solids Reduction System. The Cannibal® process greatly reduces solids production with consequent capital and operating cost savings by virtually eliminating biosolids production, which eliminates the need for expensive dewatering and digestion equipment and associated costs.


The Cannibal® system saved the City of Lebanon nearly $500,000 over the other alternatives available to handle biosolids, along with operations and maintenance cost savings. In addition, it is expected to significantly reduce the amount of biosolids produced and to lower disposal costs for the City.

In addition to installing the new solids reduction system, Jacobs modified existing facility components for reuse with the new system, including adding anoxic zones to the existing aeration basin and modifying the aerobic digester for use as an interchange reactor with the Cannibal® system.

While the upgrades were being installed, Jacobs construction and operations worked together to keep the 3-mgd wastewater plant operating at the same time with no impact on effluent quality. system.

Another important accomplishment was the team’s stellar safety record. The project had zero recordable and zero lost time incidents and was awarded the Excellence in Safety Program Award. The award is part of Jacobs’ Excellence in Safety Program (ESP) and very similar to OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program.

Jacobs has been operating the city’s wastewater plant since 1982. In late 2007, the city extended its wastewater operations and maintenance contract for another 10 years, at about $1 million per year, making it the longest O&M partnership in the company’s history.