Pomona Perchlorate Treament Anion Exchange Plant (CA)

Project components

Under an integrated design-build delivery contract, HDR Constructors (HDRC) provided the City of Pomona, California professional services to design and construct a Perchlorate Treatment Anion Exchange Plant based on the City’s 30 percent conceptual design. During the design phase of this project, HDR designed the Perchlorate Treatment Plant, AEP bypass booster pumps and bag filter area; designed associated pipelines and valving, appurtenances and interconnections with existing systems, complete with civil site work, structural components, electrical and instrumentation systems, and SCADA integration services; assisted with obtaining any final regulatory permit approvals for facilities operations; and developed an Operations Plan.

HDRC’s construction services for this project included:

  • obtaining all construction related permits
  • constructing the plant, associated pipelines, and appurtenances, complete with electrical and instrumentation systems integrated with City’s existing SCADA system
  • compliance with all environmental mitigation requirements (such as the California Environmental Quality Act),
  • finalizing Operation Plan and provide all associated operation manuals and
  • providing operation and maintenance training to City Staff
  • completing all of required equipment and facilities acceptance tests and resin warranties

Following completion of construction and successful start-up, the City of Pomona began operating and maintaining the facilities.

Award winning project

American Public Works Association (APWA), Southern California Chapter 2012 PROJECT OF THE YEAR – Drainage, Water and Wastewater

“The HDR Team proposal was by far the most comprehensive in terms of scope and innovative thoughts/optional items for consideration. In addition to providing the technical expertise required to design and construct this Project, their proposal provided the best understanding of the critical steps required to construct the project. The HDR Team is on schedule and has worked well with our staff and consultants to address issues quickly and equitably to all parties.”

Tim Hampton
City of Pomona Project Manager and Senior Water Resources Engineer