San Jacinto River PIlot Water Treatment Plant (TX)


  • Design-build offered an open-book solution to execute the delivery of this project given the time constraints.
  • The pilot plant facility was operational on time and within budget.
  • HDR constructed the project in 20 days and 1,636 man hours were expended during that time with zero reportable injuries. Our stringent site-specific safety program along with the awareness of our local electrical and plumbing subcontractors kept the project safe and on track.
  • Although this project is a pilot plant, our lessons learned sessions at the conclusion of construction were of benefit.

Project components

The San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) is a water district supplying water to an area around Conroe, Texas. SJRA had a well water system and wanted to expand their capabilities by attempting to use Lake Conroe as a new water source. HDR provided the design of a pilot plant and construction services to test six different manufacturer’s equipment and simultaneously tested a standard treatment process in order to determine if the lake water could be useable. HDR led the operations team for six months, using the results to determine if a much larger project would be feasible.

HDR’s focus on safety, environmental stewardship, protection of existing services, and a clean work site was stressed throughout the project deliverable. Pre-planning efforts for staging and allowing maximum productivity were drivers in achieving a positive outcome. This effort involved maintaining solid tracking procedures, subcontractor interface, pilot equipment deliveries, fabrication and delivery of multiple HDPE tanks, a 7,000-gallon above ground pool and various pumps from the intake structure to the discharge tank.