Tampa Utility Capital Improvement Projects and Urban Pipeline (FL)

CH2M selected to manage, design, and construct over 15 capital improvement projects to address critical water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure needs.

The City of Tampa needed a program manager and design-builder that could handle the numerous challenges related to urban pipeline construction through residential neighborhoods and commercial districts.

CH2M was selected by the City of Tampa to manage, design, and construct a series of capital improvement projects under the city’s Utility Capital Improvement Project (UCAP). UCAP was created to improve the quality of life for the 657,000 Tampa residents by addressing critical water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure needs. This single-entity program management/design-build program involves more than 16 individual infrastructure improvement projects valued at $250 million. There are currently 11 water and stormwater projects under design and four water and wastewater projects under construction.

CH2M spent considerable time driving and walking each portion of the pipeline route, acting as an extension of the city’s staff, resulting in a faster and more flexible response to the city’s needs. In addition, the visibility of CH2M in the community has resulted in increased communication with the Tampa communities. In working with the city and the community, CH2M continues to develop measures to minimize impacts to residents as pipeline repair and replacement projects continue.