Report Finds States’ Use of Progressive Design-Build Has Doubled Since 2012

In 2012 the Water Design-Build Council produced a new Procurement Guide for Progressive Design-Build Projects for use by the water industry for infrastructure projects. The WDBC also released the findings of a separate research study reporting that legislative statutes in 13 key states (randomly selected throughout the United States) contained language representing impediments to furthering the use of progressive design-build as a delivery method for water and wastewater infrastructure projects.

The 2012 study also examined whether or not the enabling legislation in these states adequately allowed progressive design-build projects to occur for water projects, as compared to other public works programs. Another important result from the 2012 study was understanding that controlling principles within some states legislation affecting the overall use of design-build project delivery, also attributed to the various nuances and inconsistencies in language that precluded the use of progressive design-build delivery.

The results of the Water Design-Build Council’s new study in 2014 report that the legislation in those same states precluding the use of progressive-design-build have now changed dramatically in just two years.

All of the states revisited in the 2014 study – as well as others researched in the new study – show that legislation not only now exists, but is continuing to change throughout the United States that permits municipal governments and entities to use progressive design-build delivery for water infrastructure projects.

Click here to learn more about the findings of this Research Report from Water Design-Build Council.

About Linda Hanifin Bonner, Ph.D, Executive Operations Manager of Water Design-Build Council

With nearly 30 years of experience in the water/wastewater industry, Linda Hanifin Bonner provides a unique blend of organization, governance, and financial management experience to the Water Design-Build Council. Dr. Hanifin Bonner’s professional career has been dedicated to developing pragmatic and strategic oriented approaches through education to the factors influencing water and wastewater industry projects. Originally an environmental planner for Montgomery County, MD, her work over the years has been supporting federal, state, and local government agencies, the engineering community, and private industry.
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