The Most Valuable Assets of Design-Build Projects

From the Water Design-Build Council’s 2015 research study of the lessons that executives and managers have learned from their design-build projects, the importance of communication, education and teamwork stood out from all others.

Within this theme, the participating utility/agency executives and project managers also believe that “peer-to-peer education” is a very valuable process to learn about design-build delivery methods. And, they are also willing to share information about their experiences with others.

From WDBC’s own research came…

The Top 10 Recommendations of Utility/Agency Executives for a Successful Water Design-Build Project

  • Educate staff members about the delivery methods, and how to effectively manage design-build projects
  • Choose staff members who are fully engaged and committed to being a team and achieving a successful project
  • Clearly define the project goals and objectives before the procurement phase
  • Network and consult with other owners who have used design-build delivery in water/wastewater and other infrastructure projects for lessons learned
  • Determine the design-build delivery method that best suits the project’s ability to achieve the project drivers and characteristics
  • Get help from an independent consultant with design-build experience, often referred to as an “Owners Advisor”
  • Select a design-builder based on defined qualifications for the project
  • Conduct planning meetings to evaluate project cost, schedule, and risks and devise ways to manage identified project challenges
  • Consider pre-purchasing long-lead items to expedite project completion
  • Educate staff about the design-build procurement process and recognize that it takes time to implement best practices

About Linda Hanifin Bonner, Ph.D, Executive Operations Manager of Water Design-Build Council

With nearly 30 years of experience in the water/wastewater industry, Linda Hanifin Bonner provides a unique blend of organization, governance, and financial management experience to the Water Design-Build Council. Dr. Hanifin Bonner’s professional career has been dedicated to developing pragmatic and strategic oriented approaches through education to the factors influencing water and wastewater industry projects. Originally an environmental planner for Montgomery County, MD, her work over the years has been supporting federal, state, and local government agencies, the engineering community, and private industry.
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