Bedford Regional Water Authority/Western Virginia Water Authority Progressive Design-Build Delivery


In the urban area of western Virginia, customers in two the counties of Franklin and Bedford are provided water by two sources: Franklin County, served by the Western Virginia Water Authority (WVWA), and Bedford County, served by the Bedford Regional Water Authority (BRWA). As these areas continue to experience ongoing economic growth, new treatment facilities, as well as new and upgraded conveyance infrastructure, were needed to support growing water demand.

At the same time, the distribution systems of both the water systems of Bedford County and the Town of Bedford were combined as part of a 2013 agreement, which also required the Town of Bedford to have a backup water source by the end of 2016. The existing water treatment plant for both these areas, which is located in Moneta, is only able to draw a maximum of 1 mgd from Smith Mountain Lake and is operating near peak capacity – with water demands required at a minimum of 3 mgd.


Black & Veatch (B&V), together with its self-perform construction group Overland Contracting, Inc. (OCI), was selected through a two-step progressive design-build procurement process; with a contract to construct a new water treatment plant and install 22 miles of water lines from the existing Smith Mountain Lake water treatment plant through Bedford County. B&V/OCI is also constructing a new membrane-filtration water-treatment plant, which will be jointly owned and operated by BRWA and WVWA, that will provide greater capacity—initially 3 mgd and eventually increasing to 12 mgd—to support growing water demand in the region. Construction on this fast-track project began in November 2015. Water lines are required to be installed by the end of 2016, so that the new water-treatment facility will be operational in the spring of 2017. Meeting these milestones enable the jurisdictions to meet growing water demand and provide a backup water supply for the region.


Together, the BRWA/B&V/OCI team is providing facilities and infrastructure that maximizes BRWA’s investment and produces high-quality water at expandable facilities, while meeting the rapid time frame and keeping the public engaged through an information process regarding the construction activities – particularly with the pipelines going through communities.  When completed, the $35 million project will have immediate treatment capabilities of 6 mgd., with the ability to expand to 12 mgd in the future