Erie Raw Water Intake Facility and Pump (CO)

Water usage projections could lead to rationing

Water usage projections for Erie, Colorado indicated that demands for the following year would be greater than the City’s storage capacity – a situation that could easily lead to water rationing for the City’s approximate 8,000 residents.

HDR’s design-build had what it took to implement in nine months

With only nine months to orchestrate a significant increase in water capacity, Erie needed a company familiar with the city’s water system facilities and capable of a fast-track design-build. At the time, HDR was working with the City on an irrigation water project that involved construction of a raw water reservoir; however, the golf course designers identified another means for obtaining raw water. The reservoir was then identified as a practical solution to help meet the town’s water needs and HDR was chosen to lead this design-build project.

New reservoir put into production on schedule

A raw water intake and pump were constructed at the new reservoir along with installation of two miles of 16- to 30-inch pipeline. Two micro-filtration membranes, the largest units ever constructed by the manufacturer, were added at the existing plant to treat the additional water.

The area around the reservoir hosted residential development, so any facilities had to be unobtrusive. To address this concern, the pump station facilities including the intake, pumps and meter vault were constructed underground.

The City’s foresight and HDR’s expertise allowed the project to be completed on schedule. The new system managed a water demand of 4.1 million of gallons per day (mgd) an increase of one million gallons per day.