Main Street Water Treatment Plant/ Orange Street Reservoir Replacement Project – Jacksonville Environmental Authority (JEA) – FL


Located in a historic neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida, the 24 million gallons per day (24-mgd) Main Street Water Treatment Facility Plant provides water to more than 329,000 customers. In 2012, JEA discovered excessive deterioration at the 100-year-old Orange Street Water Reservoir facility, due to elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). As with any solution to this facility, contractors needed to have an approach that was both attractive and aesthetically compatible with the historic nature of the neighborhood.


Based upon their qualifications, project approach, and previous experience with JEA, Haskell was selected to examine several available treatment options for removing H2S from the raw water. I consultation with the client, it was determined that the best solution was an advanced ozone treatment system with additional finished-water storage capacity for future purposes.

Haskell used several strategies to bring the project in on time and within budget, including investigating potential ozone solutions and selecting the most cost-effective one. Haskell also developed a hybrid foundation system that used new pile foundations in conjunction with existing tank foundations. Haskell also reused as much of the existing site as possible, reconfiguring an existing building to house the ozone system and reusing sections of the existing reservoir foundation to support the new concrete tank.


Haskell succeeded in providing an optimized ozone solution within JEA’s budgetary constraints of less than $11 million.