Montreal Integrated Water Resource Management Program (CAN)

AECOM creates Intervention Master Plan for Montreal’s aging aqueduct and sewers network

Within the Integrated Water Resource Management Program, the City of Montreal is in the process of better understanding the state of its buried infrastructure and developing an Intervention Master Plan of the water and sewer systems. These networks’ upgrade strategies consist in mapping the infrastructures, determining their status (including a diagnosis), establishing priorities for intervention, developing a financing plan and implementing the appropriate solutions. Accordingly, AECOM’s services were retained to establish the Intervention Master Plan of the aqueduct and sewers networks renewal.

Information technology used establish best strategic interventions

Rehabilitation of Montreal’s Water Infrastructure

The five-year contract began with the completion of the digitalized inventory of water and sewer resources and the digitalization of the network plan with topological and geological referencing. Information technologies software and decision-making tools were then implemented to maximize available physical and functional data and establish best strategic intervention scenarios. AECOM’s water and infrastructure experts determined an automated sewage distress strategy and prepared a distress strategy program. Managing sewer system investigation activities was also part of our mandate in addition to analyzing the network status and identifying priorities in the network upgrade. Engineering work was carried out while developing the Master Plan in order to address urgent problems. The project also included the development of a financing strategy for the investment program as well as training and coaching for city personnel to ensure adequate transfer of knowledge.

This project is part of a 10-billion dollar ($C) investment meant to rehabilitate Montreal’s water infrastructure and increase its networks reliability.