Sarasota Desalination Treatment Facility (FL)

AECOM supported the City of Sarasota as it identified causes of membrane fouling

With a finished capacity of 12 million gallons per day, this plant serves Sarasota residents, delivering its water through a reverse osmosis facility, an ion exchange water treatment plant and blended bypass water.

Initially engaged to identify the causes of membrane fouling, AECOM took a lead role in the plant, providing essential services at all stages of development as the plant was converted from hollow fiber to low energy spiral wound technology.

Project expands, AECOM manages construction

Prior to the start of this multi-phased project, AECOM tested the two technologies to determine feasibility. Later as owner’s representative during implementation, AECOM delivered construction management, and assisted in the selection of a contractor team, startup and phasing for the project as well as management and oversight during the replacement of key components of the ion treatment plant, including process resins.

Process retrofit design minimizes construction

AECOM helped tackle the complexities resulting from the limited footprint of the hollow fiber process trains by implementing a process retrofit design. This enabled the plant to be converted without the need for an additional building. Finally, AECOM served as permitting engineer and provided special permitting packages to the Sarasota County Department of Health and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

The retrofit of the plant proved successful on all accounts. Preliminary start up results indicated normal membrane plant operation and the spiral bound system drastically reduced the need for system cleaning.