Town of Davie, FL – Wastewater Treatment Plant Progressive Design-Build Delivery


The Town of Davie, Florida, is upgrading its utility systems to prepare for two major redevelopment initiatives that will sharply increase demand for both potable water and wastewater treatment capacity. Moreover, as a result of outfall legislation and other regulatory pressures, the Town needs to implement a water-reuse program involving tertiary treatment and high-level disinfection to produce potable water.

The water-reclamation facility would need to be located near major users of reclaimed water, and South Florida ‘s storm-water management regulations meant that underground storage, as well as surface dry retention areas, would be needed. These factors, combined with underground utilities and landscaping needs, presented a major challenge on the relatively small 14-acre site.


Using a progressive design-build procurement, the Town selected AECOM, based on qualifications and a negotiated price for completing phase one. At the conclusion of phase one, the Town selected AECOM’s proposed guaranteed maximum price for final design and construction, based on an open-book process in which the Town actively participated in selecting sub-contractors and vendors.

AECOM assisted the Town in acquiring land for the project. The Town purchased the main site from a local university, and the process to complete the project took over three years to complete. The Town acquired remote properties for four raw-water wells—and easements for pipelines to convey the water to the groundwater-treatment facility—from adjacent landowners.


Begun in 2009, the project was completed in 2013, at a cost of $6.610 million for phase one and $102 million for phase two. The project expanded the Town of Davie’s water and wastewater infrastructure systems with a new 6-mgd groundwater-treatment plant (expandable to 12 mgd) and 4-mgd water reclamation plant (expandable to 6 mgd). The groundwater treatment plant has multiple reverse-osmosis treatment units, chemical systems, de-gasifiers, cartridge filters, finished-water storage tanks, and pumping systems. To allow adequate space for construction on the limited site, a high-rate, compact treatment process was selected for both the groundwater-treatment and water-reclamation facilities. The Town was among the first to employ reverse-osmosis technology to treat brackish water from the Floridan aquifer as an alternate source of potable water.

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“The Town of Davie commits to providing the public with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water as well as providing proper treatment and disposal of wastewater. With the upcoming growth (discussed below) expected in the utility service area, the Town must be proactive in constructing facilities to provide water and wastewater treatment to these new users. The Town must expand its utility in conjunction with the planned growth on the horizon.  

“The Town’s vision is to effectively provide and manage high-quality utility service as well as comply with all water and wastewater regulations. The future of Davie’s water is well said with the project’s slogan, Making Davie Clean Through Green. “
Town of Davie Utilities Director, Bruce Taylor

 “The future of water conservation is in re-use. The Town of Davie’s new state-of-the-art water reclamation facility currently under construction will do much more than just meet Davie’s growing demands for a clean and dependable source of drinking water. The innovations built into our new facility will position the Town of Davie as an industry leader in water conservation and water reclamation. The result will be a more eco-friendly, efficient use of the Town’s water resources.”
Councilmember Susan Starkey