Virgin Islands Wastewater Treatment Plant (VI)

Two wastewater treatment plants were constructed to meet EPA standards  

The U.S. Virgin Islands needed to meet U.S. EPA wastewater secondary treatment standards. In addition, the Virgin Islands wanted to protect their pristine waters, resulting in the need for effluent to meet compliance requirements.

Through a competitive bid, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Company (Veolia Water S&T) was awarded the contract to design, construct, and operate two new 4 MGD wastewater treatment facilities in the Virgin Islands. Total design and construction cost for the two facilities was $54 million. The first facility, the Anguilla Wastewater Treatment Plant, is located on St. Croix and includes facilities to allow the use of the effluent for agricultural purposes. The second facility, the St. Thomas Red Point Wastewater Treatment Plant, is located on St. Thomas and the project included the decommissioning of existing lagoons on that site. Veolia Water S&T provided the  design-build services as part of the design-build-operate contract.

The wastewater treatment plants utilize a sequencing batch reactor process (SBR) and UV disinfection. The facilities are each designed to treat an average daily flow of 4 MGD with a peak hourly flow of 12 MGD. Concurrent with the construction of the new treatment plant at St. Croix, Veolia Water S&T improved the existing facilities. Veolia Water S&T was also responsible for operating the existing facility during construction of the new facility. At St. Thomas, Veolia Water S&T was also responsible for decommissioning the existing Airport Lagoon facility after the new wastewater treatment plant became operational.